Australia Work Permit

Australia is a great place to live – a safe, friendly, multicultural environment that welcomes skilled overseas international workers.

The Australia Work Permit gives you the opportunity to work and live in Australia as a skilled migrant and close the gap on Australia’s skills deficit. Also, immigration to Australia under the Skilled or Work Visa program can help increase your chances of gaining permanent residence in Australia.

The Australian Skilled program is specifically designed to help applicants with the right combination of skills, qualifications and work experience to migrate to Australia and find excellent job opportunities.

Do I qualify for the Australia Work Permit?

To work in Australia, you must first apply for a work permit and this is where we come in.  Our Free Visa Assessment can help you determine if you qualify for the Australia Work Permit. Once we determine your eligibility to apply for a visa, our experts will assist you in choosing the right one and ensure you have everything you need to receive your Australia work permit.

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