143 – Contributory Parent Visa

As stated above, the 143 visa application has the same visa entitlements as the 103 Parent Visa, however the processing times are significantly less due to the Contributory fee that is due to be paid to the Australian Government prior to Visa grant.

The visa entitles all applicants to:

  • Live and work in Australia as Permanent Residents
  • Study in Australia
  • Become a Citizen of Australia within 4 years

The basic requirements for the Parent Visa is as follows:

  • Parents must be sponsored by an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen
  • You must meet the balance of family test
  • An Assurance of Support Bond must be lodged prior to visa grant
  • Pay a Contributory Parent Visa application fee of AUD40,015 per applicant

The Contributory Parent Visa application fee is non-refundable and will only be requested once the Department of Immigration and Citizenship are satisfied that you meet all visa requirements.

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