Australia or Canada: Where should you migrate to?

Many people ask us which is the best destination to migrate to: is it Australia or Canada? Well, there’s no such thing as the best destination, but the destination that best fits YOU.

No matter what destinations you choose, there are many factors you need to consider before actually applying for a visa:

  • What is the job market like in that country? Are there many job opportunities for you and for your family members as well?
  • Do they have a top education system for your family?
  • What are the standards of living?
  • Can you adapt to the weather and the culture?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before making a final decision on where you should migrate to.

Is your occupation in demand?

V&P Managing Director and Immigration Consultant, Stacy Fletcher, explains: “From an immigration point of view, I always advise my clients to consider countries where they have a skilled shortage list and start from there. If your occupation is on a skilled shortage list it means that the Government have recognised the occupation as “in demand” and therefore, providing you work with a good agent, they can advise the best region to consider within that destination.”

For instance, if you’re an IT professional, Canada might not be the best place for you as you might find it difficult to get employed.  The Federal Skilled Worker Visa removed all IT occupations from their occupation list, which means that the Canadian Government does not feel that IT professionals are in demand in the country.

Australia, on the other hand, has always been interested in attracting IT talent and their IT industry is ever growing. This means that you will find many job opportunities for your occupation.

However, while it’s wise to verify if your occupation is in demand or not in that specific country, some information may not be 100% accurate so don’t give up just yet. At, we analyse statistics to determine how demand for specific occupations has changed or evolved. Based on that, we can advise you on employment opportunities for your specific occupation. Our immigration consultants also keep in touch with former clients who have migrated to another country, thus helping us give better and more accurate advice to new clients.

Ask questions

The internet is an invaluable tool so take advantage of that. Get on forums dedicated to immigration and ask people about their overall migration experience. And don’t hold back, ask as many questions as you like to help you make the right decision.

Here are some good questions to start with:

  • How did you find a job?
  • How long until you found a job?
  • What’s the average wage compared to the cost of living?
  • Did you find it difficult to adapt?
  • What advice can you give me as a new migrant?

Whichever destination you choose, here’s a final advice from Stacy:

“Educate yourself and make the right decision. Anyone with a skill should be looking to invest in their families’ future and give themselves and their family options to maintain a good standard of living. After all, the luxury of migration is not available to everyone – to those who find themselves lucky enough to be in a position to apply should consider their options carefully and seriously.”

If you’re looking to migrate to Canada or Australia, we’re happy to advise you on your best options and help increase your chances of getting a visa. Start now by filling out our free visa assessment.

Images via Federico Stevanin and George Stojkovic